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First Hand Reverse Mortgage Reviews

This website is dedicated to providing quality reliable first hand reviews on reverse mortgage loans. We believe that reverse mortgage loans decisions are very important as they affect your finance and your valuable property. Seniors in need of loan facility and who have their home as their most valuable asset would have to face the choice of moving out of their homes or taking up reverse mortgage loans. 

There are diverse opinions on the issue of reverse mortgage pros and cons. On this site you see articles written by other seniors who have tried reverse mortgages and what their experience was. This thus puts you in a better position to decide whether to consider moving or a reverse mortgage loan as the best option. It is highly recommended that you do not make a final decision to move or to take a reverse mortgage loan without first going through the testimonies or opinions on this website.  

The articles written and published on this website are not doctored, influenced or even edited in any way. They are the original copies received from different seniors expressing their personal experience or opinions of reverse mortgage loans. Many of these articles highlight the senior’s views on whether reverse mortgage loans are beneficial or not. Some of them are also based on real personal experiences with reverse mortgage loans.  

Our aim and mission is to provide a reliable first hand views that can be used by others to make better reverse mortgage decisions. As you go through this website be aware that individual circumstances, preferences and desires are different and thus may mar a person’s perception on the pros and cons of reverse mortgages. However the views of various others who have tried out reverse mortgage loans are invaluable to helping you make an informed decision on whether to move out or to take a reverse mortgage loan.

Reverse Mortgage Articles
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