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Reverse Mortgages: The Two Sided Coin

Experience has taught me that there are always two sides to every coin. The same is true with reverse mortgage loans, some people have benefited from them while others have not. I use to work in the moving business. I was involved with helping people pack up their property and move it to another location when they changed residence. During the course of my work I worked for a number of seniors and saw and heard first hand their plight and it was favorable to some and the opposite to others. 

I have seen tears and look of frustration when some seniors have had to move out of their home which was usually a place where they have been familiar with for years. Moving out of such comfortable and familiar surroundings might be too much to bear at an old age. Soon after the move, dejection and feelings of despair can set in. But the truth is that I have also seen many who moved with joy, especially some who were going to stay with their children.  

There are times when we did move somebody, and after a while we would have to work in the same neighborhood again and I would come across the individual we moved a while back. Or sometimes just the appearance of the new home in comparison of the former will tell you if the person is faring better or worse.  

Different people have different preference and desires. Reverse mortgages loans can thus be a good thing and a bad choice depending on the individual and the peculiar circumstances. The availability and quality of non-reverse mortgage loan options available will also help one decide. I personally feel that one should be sure after a careful scrutiny of their own peculiar situation, plans and needs before one accepts or rejects reverse mortgage as an option.

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