Find a reputable reverse mortgage company and don't get scammed. Our site provides information on reverse mortgage scams and helps guide you to find reputable reverse mortgage companies, services, and counseling.
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Protecting Yourself

Taking out a reverse mortgage loan can be stressful. Falling victim to a reverse mortgage scam is a consumer’s worst nightmare. You, your home and your pocketbook are at the mercy of the reverse mortgage company.

Below are links to several articles written by various seniors to help you protect yourself when taking out a reverse mortgage and using the services of a reverse mortgage company or broker.

Reverse Mortgage Articles
The Reverse Mortgage Sham - Protect yourself from evil lenders.
I Would Rather Move
Some times moving is a better option then everse mortgages.

Some Seniors Suffer others Benefit Greatly - It all depends on the individuals case.

Saved From My Sons Basement - What would I have done with out a reverse mortgage loan
Reverse Mrtgage Resources
Reverse Mortgage Lenders Directory
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